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Joe's Music

Here is where you can find out about my main passion - my music! I'm mainly a guitarist (steel string folk guitar, I'm not keen on nylon strings: too quiet and bad for the environment) and songwriter. My music is generally described as English folk, singer-songwriter or English traditional. I also used to be pretty heavily into rockabilly and '90s grunge.

All my music is up on my Bandcamp page, which I have linked to below. On the equipment front: I play a Recording King RD-G6 000 acoustic, modded with a bulk standard Fishman bridge and internal mic pickup most of the time and occasionally play my Fender Vintera Late 1950s spec Telecaster in Fiesta Red. On the amplifier front, I only use my Bugera V22 Infinium 22-watt valve amp for everything, but I rarely amplify my acoustic and prefer to use a balance of external mic and line in to a digital audio interface.

In terms of recording gear, I use an M-Audio M-Track Solo audio interface and a Marantz Professional MPM-1000 microphone paired with a free copy of Tracktion's Waveform digital audio workstation running on my Surface Book 2. (it's getting slow now!)

You can find my music on Bandcamp, here: Here is my latest release: