Joe Harley's Homepage!

About This Website

Hello and welcome to my handy little about page! So, you've probably got questions, I'll try to answer some of them below:

Who are you?

Ha! That's fairly easy! My name is Joe Harley, I'm not going to share every single personal detail about myself with a s**tload of strangers on the Internet, but here's the bits you need to know: I'm a full-blown computer geek, I'm English (with ancestry in Ireland, Wales and Scotland), I have a great love of music (I'm a guitarist), am an avid viewer of cinema and TV, massive fan of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley, and love interacting with people and making content for the Internet

Why does this site look so '00s?

Because it's cool, accessible and efficient. It's no different to the hoardes of Stranger Things fans who dress up in period 1980s clothing and go to fan conventions; it's a unique form of web design in and of itself, it reflects the personal nature of the people who have built websites in this style since the web began and deserves a comeback.

Ok, what is the point of this site then?

There's a few points, but: 1. It's a personal de-stresser, it calms me down when I am deep in anxiety and other work. 2. It's fun to put all my thoughts out on the Internet and know someone is reading them and gives a s**t about them, it makes me happy, not creating purely for the sake of views, but creating for my love of creating then seeing views. 3. I enjoy actively working on a project and getting satisfaction out of it; the construction of this website encompasses many different areas: programming, graphic design, and being part of a wider online community.

How is this site made?

This website is made up of a few components: HTML (the raw language used to make all websites), CSS (the language used to style websites), and various GIFs and other images, most of which I've nicked from my random walks on Neocities and through old 90s Geocities sites on the Internet Archive, for some of these GIFs and images I have linked to their sources on the 'Links' page, for others I am unable to due to having long forgotten their sources (I've collected these over about three years of running various different Neocities sites), and for some images, I created them myself!

Cool! I think I get it now!